About Us

The publishing house
and its owner

ETPbooks is a publishing company and has been active since 1989.

The name that stands for Enzo Terzi Publishing was initially used by its owner, Enzo Terzi, to market his own books both as texts and layout. Over the years his publications have been printed in Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece and South Korea.

Among the volumes that have enjoyed greatest success are the series "100 battles" and "100 scientists" (2008-2009) with over 90,000 copies being sold in Greece; the essay "From Pericles to Papadimos" (2013), a series of 10 titles dedicated to adolescence called "101" (2007-2008), the book “It happened one day”, which enjoyed considerable success in South Korea in addition to an extensive series of encyclopaedic-formative volumes in the years 2005-2007, were commissioned by customers in Poland.

The trademark as a publisher was in time transformed so that texts by other authors could be inserted in the catalogue.

The owner’s move to Greece in 2008, helped to strengthen the knowledge of an unknown literary world to the general public and the rediscovery of many texts that, until now, were the domain of a strictly academic production and aimed at research. This led to the idea of disseminating works and authors that are often of high literary value but, above all, rich in themes and languages ​​that constitute a reservoir of pleasant, easy and fun reading that is also suited to a wide audience driven by simple curiosity.  The catalogue includes classical texts and is being enriched on a daily basis with new projects and upcoming titles, as well as with texts by contemporary authors whose rights are being bought wisely. Assisted in this choice by a specialised staff and in particular by Dr. Maurizio De Rosa, an affirmed philologist and scholar of Greek literature and scientific director, ETPbooks intends to promote a selected catalogue, whose quality is also evident in the editorial presentation of its products. A careful choice of materials, the use of an elegant font and a progressive number of printed copies for classical literature, are all proof of this publisher’s aim to offer real quality to the market.

ETPbooks works in three languages: Italian, French and English, markets in which many of the titles to be proposed have never been published. This is the case of the works of Yannis Maris, the founder of detective stories in Greece, whose full rights have been acquired by us; or of Rados, a writer of historical stories of the late nineteenth century, who has never emerged in this market except for brief anthological extracts, or even of Theodore Prodromos, the first among the Byzantines to use popular Greek, who among other things, wrote the hilarious “War Between Cats and Mice" that will be launched next summer.

We are working on the programme and catalogue that will keep us busy in 2016 and also throughout 2017. At this stage, the catalogue is being elaborated for series: one for minor classics, one for thrillers, plus some other titles that we have already successfully tested on other markets.

Our intent is to widen the existing group of loyal readers that has been established over the years, to offer a well thought out, well-groomed, carefully translated and distributed list of books, far away from the industrial-labeled market that we do not belong to.

The Scientific Director

Maurizio De Rosa is a translator of some of the major contemporary Greek and Cypriot writers: Maro Duka, Dido Sotirìu, Aris Alexandru, Pavlos Matesis, Kostas Mondis etc. In May 2004 he was the curate of the exhibition "In the light of the Muses - 200 Greek contemporary writers" shown at the International Book Fair of Turin. He is the author of the book “Fair as the Greeks from 1880 to 2015. 135 years of Greek literature for the series "Literature and Civilisation of Modern Greece" (Universitalia) and “The Neighbour,” one of the most complete anthologies of contemporary Greek narrative. He is a member of the Italian Association of neo-Greek studies and was twice a finalist in the Greek national contest for translations.


Some of his books are on the page “Books of Friends”