The Black Roses

Author: Yannis Maris
Translation: James Johnstone
Murder in Mykonos
01 / Series The Black Roses

Mykonos in the mid-fifties… On the cosmopolitan Aegean island, destination of the international jet-set, secrets and lies that date back to World War II cast their shadows over the classic holiday scenario ... 

Author: Yannis Marìs
Translation: James Johnstone
Dangerous Spring
02 / Series The Black Roses

Athens, the spring of 1965. The esteemed Professor Lambrinos Andreas, one of the leading lawyers in the country and a prominent public figure, risks knocking down the young Olga Kazàsoglou with his car ....

Author: Yannis Maris
Translation: Susan Branfield
Murder in Athens
03 / Series The Black Roses

Athens 1953. Financier Kostas Floràs is accused of the murder of painter Nassos Karnezis, found dead in his apartment in the exclusive area of Kolonaki. Floràs’s son from his first marriage, Dimitris, convinced of his father’s innocence, together with two friends, a journalist and the other a former member of parliament, try to discover who the real murderer is...