Ma che vita è questa? - 85 canzoni rebetike


At the beginning of the twentieth century, during a period of intense economic crisis, and subsequent to the huge wave of refugees following the 1922 Asia Minor Catastrophe, the Greek capital and the main port of the country become the focal point, where various layers of the population arrived in search of better living conditions. A varied “human material” that sought to define its personal and social space, giving voice and body to the sense of the ephemeral in all its areas of action. The 85 songs in this anthology represent “snapshots” of the difficult living conditions, poverty and repression, and describe situations on the borderline between legality and illegality; more generally, the consequences of the economic, political and social crisis on a human being as an individual and a social being, and above all on love and interpersonal relationships. The anthology is prefaced by a lengthy critical introduction, a presentation of comments on the individual lyrics of the songs, a biography of the authors and a complete glossary of rebetiko terms.

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Gaia Zaccagni writes about Byzantine and neo-Greek philology and literature. She teaches Greek at the University of Cyprus. She edited the critical edition of hagiographic texts from southern Italy (Rome 1997) and 10 homilies by Filagato da Cerami (Rome 1999). She has published studies relating to the manuscripts of Lesbos (Mytilene 2006), the volumes Places, Words and Rhythms from Modern Greece, New Culture Editions (2007), Michalis Pieris, The House – For a Bit of Light (Bulzoni 2013), Homage to Dimitris Michailidis, Essays on Modern Greek – Bulzoni 2017, as well as other articles in specialized journals. She curates the Isalo series for Ensamble editions, which include Greek and Cypriot authors translated into Italian (the volumes on Theodosis Nikolaou and Pantelis Michanikos were published in 2016). She writes poetry in Italian and Greek: Sparse nel Vento, New Culture Editions, Rome 2007; Εν πλω πάντα κλειστή, ed. Melani, Athens 2014; Altrove, ed. Ensamble, Rome 2016. She also writes about Greek music, both theoretically and practically.

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