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From the author's preface:

 … I was inspired by Basil of Caesarea, who, in his address to young people, on the use to be made of profane letters, states: “We must approach them following the example of bees, which do not alight indiscriminately on all the flowers nor do they try to take everything away from those on which they rest; but take only what is necessary for their work, they leave the others alone.” [...] The final result I hope is a completely new and original work, which will meet the approval of my compatriots, because despite its reduced size, the content presents, in my opinion, concepts of great importance. 

The fruit of my toil I now offer to your kindness and I apologize henceforth for any errors and omissions due to human weakness. For my part, I pray that God will grant you all peace, health and prosperity … 

Stèfanos Dimitriadis, 1797

The author:

Stèfanos Epifanios Dimitriadis was born on the island of Skiathos in 1760. He studied at the schools of Volos, at the Great Patriarchal School of the Greek Nation and at the Academy of Bucharest. In addition to teaching, he was also Secretary of the Metropolitan of Hungary and Wallachia Filàretos first and then at the court of the Phanariot Prince of Wallachia Nikòlaos Mavroghenis. Later he was a teacher and interpreter at the court of Prince Alèxandros Muruzis and Governor (Voivode) of his native island. He was the author of a history of the island of Skiathos, and of classically inspired comedies and tragedies. He died in Kea in 1827.

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