Dalla Canea a Tripoli


The journey takes place between the island of Crete and Tripoli, in a time that can be traced back to 1909-1910. The author, following the Italian Archaeological Mission, shares its adventure, hardships and contact with the local populations. What emerges is a lively, straightforward story, devoid of any opportunism and any bending towards what today we can define as “politically correctness”. The sometimes sharp and merciless traits with which the people of the island or even more the inhabitants of Bengasi or Tripoli are drawn, perhaps a legacy more of a certain familiar noblesse than of political vocations of the time, do not damage the overall picture that instead immerses itself in the admiration of the beauties of that archaeology which at the time was the bearer of great discoveries. The scholar's gaze sometimes yields to that of the female observer, dwelling on the conditions of the inhabitants of the places visited, indulging in small female adventures. A story whose passion is sometimes hidden behind the tones of a scientific reportage that never, however, overwhelms the pleasure of the narrative.


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Emilia De Sanctis Rosmini
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